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Accommodation for your TEFL course in Madrid, Spain

Accommodation package, social activities, extra options and resources

2 week's accommodation from 450 USD

Choose one of the following:

  • Private room in a shared apartment
  • Stay with a selected local family

Airport pickup 75€

  • Airport pickup is optional but not recommended

    FYI: It's about a 2 Euro ride from the airport to downtown Madrid by safe public transport.

Even more options

Click here for a list of 75 accommodation related agencies: shared apartments, family stay, student residences, hostals and storage companies.

EBC is providing this service to help you get reliable accommodation without the additional cost of a middle-man. EBC is not responsible for any aspect of any accommodation arranged using these or other services. All Prices are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that you are fully aware of all fees, deposits, payment terms etc. prior to contracting one of these services.

EBC is an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations and a registered agent of Chichester College

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