We've invested a lot in protecting your information because we want you to feel secure dealing with us

How EBC's Student Management system protects you and your identity

Data protection processing at all levels

EBC takes data protection very seriously so our Student Management System uses the following process and policies to make sure that no one pirates your data.

  • Encrypted Data transmission - The entire Student Management System credit card payment process runs under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure that all data transmitted between your PC or portable device and EBC's Student Management System credit card payment process is encrypted. This means that if anything attempts to intercept or hijack your data or EBC's data during the transmission process it will be unreadable and unusable.
  • Password protection - Your data is stored in a password protected database and all access codes are protected and hidden.
  • Password encryption - Your password is encrypted, so if you lose it, use the "I forgot my password" section on the main page to reset your password. Don't ask us because even we don't know what your password is in human readable form.
  • Secure emails - All emails are sent via our Microsoft Exchange® trusted servers. This means that the emails we send are 100% genuine.
  • Anti-phishing and user identity protection - Every page and process (including email processes) in the entire Student Management System has phishing and user identity protection built in. This means that rogue domains and users cannot access the system.
  • Industry standard payment processing - Our payment processing for Visa and Mastercard uses Visa and Mastercard's own security processes to ensure that all of your credit card information is 100% safe. We use "Verified by VISA" and "Mastercard Secure Code". There is a limited use of PayPal as well. When PayPal is an allowed payment option, we use PayPal's standard published interface to ensure that your PayPal information is not compromised.
  • No usable payment data is saved - We do not store any information at all about your credit card number(s) or bank account number(s).
  • No hassles opt-out option - You can opt out of EBC's Student Management System whenever you want by changing your personal details.
  • Complete transparency - You can see everything that you've put into the Student Management System.
  • You have 100% ownership - The data that you trust with us is one hundred percent yours. EBC will NEVER give your data to any 3rd party outside EBC unless you give EBC permission to do so.

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