Accommodation for your stay during your 2 week teaching practice course

  • 2 week accommodation for our Madrid, Spain TEFL course campus location.

Flight finders to help you get to your TEFL course

  • EBC has a discount agreement with AESU. Mention our discount code #141 when you book.

Insurance finders to give you peace of mind during your TEFL course

Global insurance cover

Two worldwide companies that offer travel/health insurance are:

Online insurance broker

The following web site is an excellent resource for shopping around for all types of insurance including travel and medical insurance.

  • Quotesmith an excellent independent site with lots of insurance options

EBC is an accredited centre of Anglia Examinations and a registered agent of Chichester College

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Take the EBC Introduction to TESOL TEFL course and find out what teaching English is all about.

Why EBC?

EBC's training courses are accredited and accepted by schools and language institutes around the world plus our trainers are highly experienced.


Teaching English overseas is a life-changing experience, giving you a unique opportunity to work abroad and immerse yourself in foreign cultures.

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